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The way in which the beer font is attached to the bar. For most units we offer either Clamp-On, which uses a bracket to clamp the fixture between the top and bottom of the bar, or Through Bar whereby the fixture is retained by drilling through the bar and securing it with either locknuts or bolts.

Taps for controlling the dispense of the liquid. For all units with the exception of the Rhine Tee we offer either Stainless Steel or Thermo-Plastic taps. Both varieties have food-grade plastic internals.


The external coating or finish to the outside surfaces of the tower. Availability varies for each unit.


The form that the unit is built in can be metal or wooden, this option is not available unless specified.


Provides product name and identity with the supply of branded badging. Branding is available as round or oval badges and can be provided with either a chrome or brass surround to match the finish of the unit.


Operates the dispense tap to control flow of the product. Taps can be provided in either chrome or brass to match the finish of the unit and can be engraved to compliment product branding.


Offers the opportunity to light the branding to give optimum advertising. Available only where specified.

Drip Tray

Receptacle positioned under the dispense taps to collect drips and overspill. Available in either plastic or stainless steel with most units unless specified.

Glass Refresher

Device that washes clean cold water over the inside of the glass prior to pouring. Usually incorporated into the drip tray.

"We offer a design service to enable you to personalise your above bar equipment, using the latest technology. We have vast experience working with the customer to maximise any bar's potential."

"Always at the forefront with new ideas we can provide you with that special item, giving you the edge on your competition."

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Established in 1984

the company trades worldwide and benefits from a good relationship with many brewers, pub chains, hotel groups, designers and architects.


Over 150 years experience

The Company benefits from key staff who have over 150 years of experience in the beverage industry. Together we bring a breadth of skills to enhance the service given to our customers.

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